ailin malimowcka




A ilin Malimowcka is a creative director. She produces content in an aesthetic and conceptual way. Cosmopolitan: Los Angeles (United States), Bordeaux (France) and Tel Aviv (Israel) forged her perspective.


Her studies in fashion and styling led her to have clients in the fields of fashion, music, entertainment, gastronomy and technology: Disney, Julián Serrano, Candela Vetrano, Belén Pouchán, Valentina Madanes, and Luba Jakobson (Israel), among others. She has worked with directors such as EME Creative, Santiago Talledo and Martín Seipel, focusing on inception, direction and execution of campaigns for brands like Cabify and Rappi.


Her mission: to achieve a unique, genuine and elegant entity while creating the difference.

Originality is her motto.